Cross-disciplinary systems engineering experience in the development of software and hardware systems, including JMPS, PFPS, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), military vehicle systems and subsystems including MRAP-class combat vehicles, and the Value Chain Technology Solutions™ supply chain software framework. API uses an Agile Development methodology and manages this with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and related tools for requirements traceability and management, including Microsoft Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.

API follows a System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) that establishes baselines against user needs and measures performance from requirements to development and deployment. The user requirements define the System Requirement Specification (SRS) which evolves into a virtual model/prototype. API then creates a Solution Specification upon which the company develops, validates, and tracks proposed solutions. API measures performance throughout the development process including unit testing, integration testing, and full spectrum performance testing.

API designed a System Requirement Specification (SRS) for a JMPS IETM help tool which utilized a common source database that complied with the DoD S1000D technical manual standards. This feature allows the help tool to be customized for any JMPS Mission Planning Environment providing logistics support for multiple aviation platforms. As the IPT Lead for the JMPS IETM subsystem, API is providing systems engineering for the JMPS 64-bit migration, which will use the IETM SRS to integrate the IETM JMPS subsystem with the Common Control System (CCS) utilizing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

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