API has supported the Joint Mission Planning System since 2007 in use by the USAF, USN, USMC and FMS.

API provided software development for JMPS FW Windows 7 migration and software maintenance (JMPS FW version 1.3.5 and 1.4.1), including CR/DR workoff of over 300 bug fixes in JMPS FW. It also included development of software deficiency corrective action support (CR/DR) to work off over 300 bug fixes in JMPS FW, fixed numerous high priority and complex software bugs (.NET & C++) including resource (memory, handle) leaks, application crash, application hang (and memory corruptions), and upgraded 20 VC++ projects to VC++2010. Additionally, it modified numerous incompatible source code files, while keeping the existing functionality unchanged, and Migrated Symbology project from VB6 to Microsoft Visual C# 2010.

API designed a System Requirement Specification (SRS) for a JMPS IETM help tool which utilized a common source database that complied with the DoD S1000D technical manual standards. This feature allows the help tool to be customized for any JMPS Mission Planning Environment providing logistics support for multiple aviation platforms. As the IPT Lead for the JMPS IETM subsystem, API is providing systems engineering for the JMPS 64-bit migration, which will use the IETM SRS to integrate the IETM JMPS subsystem with the Common Control System (CCS) utilizing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

API has considerable experience with the Human Systems Engineering & Integration (HSE&I) processes that addresses the integration and management of human considerations in system design, development, and validation. Examples of this include software subsystems including the JMPS IETM, JMPS Software Programmers Guide, the Mission Operations Training and Help Interactive Resource. API has Subject Matter Experts with extensive experience in human systems integration in both hardware and software programs. The company has a history of providing user-friendly Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) which significantly increases efficiency of the training program due to its intuitive design.

The JMPS Mission Operations Training and Help Interactive Resource (MOTHIR) design maximizes mission effectiveness by providing a one-stop-shop for JMPS interactive planning, online help, training, and testing. This unique integrated design rapidly delivers the correct information to the user which minimizes the time to plan. The user is able to capitalize upon new as well as seldom used functions due to increased accessibility to system information.

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