Electronic Invoicing (eInvoicing)

Electronic Invoicing (eInvoicing)

To be competitive today, an automated accounting or ERP system is not enough. Companies also need to automate transactions with external trading partners. Often, customers or suppliers lack comparable technology or technical sophistication to automate critical external processes, such as automated invoicing or EDI.

Developed for those companies that need to automatically transmit invoices and delinquency notices to many small customers that do not have EDI capabilities, Electronic Invoicing (eInvoicing), and Electronic Delinquency (eDelinquency) converts ERP batch files into individual PDF invoices and delinquency documents that are automatically faxed or emailed to the customer, records their receipt and generates transaction and summary histories for tracking purposes.

eInvoicing and eDelinquency was developed on the Value Chain Technology Solutions™ Supply Chain Software Framework.

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