Extended Reality | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality

Extended Reality | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality

AVATAR Partners develops best-in-class Extended Reality, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) training systems and job performance aids, specializing in high-resolution experiences. Our supremely accurate AR maintenance instructions result in less errors and reduced time on task, with AR and VR solutions viewable on multiple platforms including head mounted displays such as the Microsoft HoloLens, as well as ruggedized Android and iOS tablets and other mobile devices.

Solutions include:

  • SimplifyXR - a fully customizable Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality content creation tool accelerates the development of AR/MR content by tenfold, enabling non-programmers to develop heavy-duty, industrial applications with no programming experience.
    What makes SimplifyXR Better? No other AR Development tool has all of the following capabilities all in one integrated solution today:
    Reusability - SimplifyXR's architecture is modular, separating asset content/asset bundles (such as CAD models) from the AR application script, allowing you to build an application once (such as a Quality Assurance Inspection application) and reuse that application for different objects (such as two configurations of an engine). You don't need to go through a whole build of the application for the device. This saves tremendous time, and ensures consistency throughout the application.

    Fully Customizable - Our fully extensible architecture is unique in that we allow the developer to add an unlimited number of custom-developed components, allowing you full freedom to develop to the greatest extent of your imagination!

    Platform Agnostic - Unlike other solutions, SimplifyXR doesn't lock you into using proprietary products. We take an agnostic approach to critical aspects of your project, giving you ultimate flexibility. And yet, with the AR landscape changing at an expontential speed right now, SimplifyXR is keeping its eye on the vision to support the industry as it changes and the "Big 5" span their wings.

    Vision Science Agnostic - We support major vision sciences including VisionLib, ARFoundation, ARKit and ARCore. Take full advantage of the flexibility of SimplifyXR, configuring your AR experience to support object tracking, CAD tracking, planar tracking, markers, SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), or a combination thereof.

    CAD/Animation Tool Agnostic - Integrate with any CAD/Animation tool supported by Unity (the ubiquitous AR development platform), giving you flexibility to use the tools you already have and know.

    Hardware Agnostic - our solution supports Microsoft Hololens, iOS devices, Android, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), etc.

    Feature Rich - Out of the box, SimplifyXR has a powerful workflow-based engine with hundreds of pre-built directives or actions that require no coding whatsoever - basically, everything most companies need to develop a very wide range of AR applications. You can create a combination of visualization, AR, and step by step solutions in one application. It’s not just one of those choices. These features will increase with the inputs of you, our community.

    Add-On SimplifyXR Capabilities Include:

    Simplified Creation - Allows your best subject matter experts to quickly create industrial AR experiences for others while working on the job, ensuring best practices become standardized across all users.

    Analytics and Performance Metrics - Record and visualize end-user performance metrics and analytics related to the effectiveness of the AR experience and how the experience is being used.

    Remote Assistant - Allows remotely located team members to collaborate, view, and annotate on the user's screen, thereby significantly reducing time and money.

  • Maintenance Aids – for maintenance of equipment, from aircraft to small machinery, also allowing remote viewing and support to connect field operators with interactive subject matter experts.
  • Construction - Architects, Contractors, Developers, Institutional Facilities, Manufacturers: design modeling, design integration, pre-installation, installation, installation verification, safety, training & maintenance. 
  • Collaborative Mission Planning Systems – multi-dimensional translation of data into the real world enabling highly accurate, collaborative faster scenario planning
  • Navigation and Collision Aids – For use in automotive, ships and aircraft to overlay navigation routes and data, collision avoidance and improved operational and safety features
  • Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics Aids – Order picking, equipment repair, safety & quality, real-time visibility of inventory locations, reduction errors, resolving exceptions in real-time, and digital audit trails
  • Manufacturing – Rapid training, job aids, quality assurance and safety – enabling employees to work faster, more quickly resolve shop floor problems, easier access to data, reduced maintenance time, error prevention, and training
  • Oil & Gas Maintenance and Safety applications – allowing the best design engineers, fabricators, derrick builders, and more, from around the world, to be “virtually” on-site in seconds instead of hours or days
  • Retail – remote shopping, virtual changing rooms, VR showrooms, store design and shopping mall attractions
  • Advertising – augmentation of the trial process, enabling greater scope for consumers to engage in the campaign