Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Avatar Partners and Synronetics deliver highly robust, configurable, easy to use and maintain, industrial strength 3D printer Solution to the the industrial, aerospace and military marketplace, at a competitive cost. Our technology includes patented gear-drive systems, allows for highly configurable designs, and supports open source raw materials. Our designs extend the boundaries of 3D printing with large format 3D printers, enhanced post processing capabilities and interactive training systems which allow our customers to successfully print a wide variety of objects from large topographical maps or field configurable drone payloads to rapid prototyping and reverse engineering obsolete parts at a sensible price.

• Complete Solution includes Onsite Installation, Interactive, Augmented Reality Training, 3D CAD Modeling Software, Laptop and Filament

• Patented Gear-Drive System and Subsystems

• Produces exceedingly high quality for a fraction of the cost of competition

• Highly Configurable Design

• Supports Open Source Raw Materials

Examples Use Cases of our 3D Printer Solutions include

• Amphibious Assault Planning System - Very large format 3D printed composite tools for thermoforming

• sUAS Payload Prototyping System - Metal clays and metal powder filaments for kiln fusion for lightweight UAV load bearing structurers

• Legacy Maritime Rapid Sustainment System

• Composite stamping tools for F/A-18 Fighter Aircraft thin shell fuselage components