Technical   Docs   &   IETMs

Avatar Partners provides exceptional professional technical documentation services and solutions. We take technical writing to an unprecedented level because we are not just writers. We are part of a technology company with deep domain experience in all aspects of Business Analysis and the Software Development Lifecycle. We design, build, test, deploy and support our own software and the technology solutions of our business partners.


  • Multi-Media Technical Documentation
  • Software User Manuals (SUM)
  • Software Programmers Guides (SPG)
  • On-Screen Software Help and Tutorials
  • Online Communities
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Expertise
  • Document Configuration Management
  • Demonstrations and Tutorials
  • Guides and Manuals
  • Process Documentation and White Papers
  • Software Development Lifecycle, Software Build Plans, System Requirements
  • Translation Services
  • IETM Design and Development (S1000D)
  • MIL-STD-3001, MIL-DTL-87268C, MIL-DTL-87269C
  • UAT models, Business Cases, Business Continuity, Project Management


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