Value   Chain   Roadmaps

What is the Value Chain Roadmap™? The Value Chain Roadmap is a set of processes and deliverables developed by API, designed to remove roadblocks to successful EDI implementations. Initiated in 2007, the Roadmap continues to improve to this day, and still benefits many thousands of trading partners in automotive, retail and manufacturing around the world.


The Roadmap is a customized analysis of as-is processes, particularly bottlenecks that are technical, process based and cultural human factors, and provides the solution to these bottlenecks to ensure that the original purpose of EDI is served, which is visibility, automation, and efficiency.


How is it used? The Roadmap is a “Living Document” used to structure and manage the EDI team. Organizational objectives are grounded in functional requirements which flows down to the EDI implementation team who provides the mapping, reporting, and maintenance activities that will achieve the objectives. During the “Roadmap Implementation” API can provide daily task/functional management of the EDI team, or can work with government stakeholders as needed to support the process.


What value does it add? The Roadmap provides a “way forward” for organizations that have had challenges implementing EDI effectively and/or migrating EDI platforms successfully, or for organizations that have already implemented EDI but are looking to improve automation, efficiency and visibility. It is an organizational tool designed to support EDI success and continual improvement over time.


Why should my company care? The Roadmap is a risk mitigation tool to ensure your company is successful with its EDI implementation. It is a tool the company can use to unlock the “power” of EDI.


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