Lean   Process   Improvement

Practical Lean™ is a powerful program and methodology developed by Avatar Partners for organizations to rapidly and dramatically improve profit and growth, by eliminating non-value-added processes and assets. Practical Lean™ applies common principles of lean found in Six Sigma, KAIZAN, 5S, and Koyabashi.


Practical Lean™ addresses the three business cornerstones of processes, people, and technology. The program rapidly identifies non-value-add areas, and provides actionable and very low-cost solutions to address these issues. Practical Lean™ uses financial metrics to measure bottlenecks and improvements, providing tangible results and self-funding solutions.


A few Examples of Practical Lean™ in action are:


  • Improving Global Logistics Efficiency and Throughput
  • Automating Processes through Machinery Improvement
  • Improving Product Design and Quality
  • Aligning Employee and Hiring with Company Objectives
  • Modernizing Legacy IT Systems
  • Addressing IT System Gaps
  • Eliminating Manual Processes and Data Errors Between Trading Partners