API develops S1000D compliant Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) for complex software, hardware systems and equipment, providing a “Single Book of Knowledge” to increase the user’s efficiency, effectiveness and safety, while substantially decreasing the cost of “paper” documentation maintenance.


·         S1000D V4.0 Compliant Class 3 & 4 IETMS

·         MIL-STD-3001, MIL-DTL-87268C, MIL-DTL-87269C

·         No Proprietary Viewers required

·         Can run on tablets (such as iPads or Android tablets), PCs or laptops

·         Can run disconnected (local) or online

·         Can be integrated directly into Software Help

·         Integrates related topics, procedures, FAQs, CBTs, and so on in a single related content view


API is the original designer and developer of the JMPS IETM “Single Book of Knowledge for the Warfighter”, used on all 13 Naval Aircraft Systems including the:

  • AV-8B
  • C-2A
  • C-130
  • CH-53K
  • E-2C
  • E-2D
  • EA-6B
  • F/A-18 EA-18G
  • MH-60R/S
  • MH
  • NLH
  • P-3C
  • V-22
  • VH-3/VH-60

All IETMs are developed in S1000D v4.00 JMPS Standard.

The JMPS (Joint Mission Planning System) IETM is a browser-based performance and maintenance support product delivered to support Mission Planners and JMPS Software System Administrators within the Navy. This IETM uses common web-based technologies and established technical data tagging standards including S1000D to present mission planning and operations data to the fleet. The JMPS support documentation is organized and presented to the end-users in a manner consistent with mission planning and system administration workflows as opposed to software system architecture. This allows the end-users to easily navigate to the appropriate help content using multiple techniques including graphical navigation and advanced searching.


API is the original designer and developer of the Joint Mission Planning System IETM Software Programmers Guide (SPG) produced in 2009 as a subcontractor to Northrop Grumman.